Friday, July 07, 2006

A Friday night walk around the blogosphere

Wow what a week! After a busy holiday weekend on call I’ve had to play catch-up with various work related issues this week and I am just now able to get back into my blog headfirst. The Jaco Pastorious post was just for fun, one of my visitors wanted to here more about Jaco so I put that piece together quickly. I will try to do part 2 as time permits but I need to catch up on the SC Athletic scene first.

HP has an interesting take on whether Charles Woodson was more deserving than Peyton Manning to win the 1997 Heisman Trophy. He makes some interesting points, and his conclusion does follow his Heismandments, but I still feel Peyton got jobbed. Oh well.

I don't know...

Bruins Nation had great post on the verbal commitment of top Basketball recruit O.J. Mayo to USC. I will hold any premature celebration in check until I actually see his signature on the paper. Even if he does sign the consensus is that he will be “one and done” and on his way to the NBA. I am even more intrigued that he picked SC, don’t get me wrong, this is great news and good get for Tim Floyd but I am having a hard time understanding how this helps the anemic SC basketball program if leaves after one year. If he stays 3 years than that’s a different story, his influence will go a long way to landing other top recruits. So stay tuned.

Will he make a difference?

BN also had an intriguing post on the possibility of luring Steve Spurrier to UCLA. I for one would welcome it if it were a possibility. That would turn the USC/UCLA rivalry on its ear. That move would produce some great games. Sadly though I think the Ole’ Ball coach’s salary is little out of the Bruins price range, but one can always hope.

Burnt Orange Nation continues to impress. Peter has put up a couple of great posts on Football National Champs and how they fared the next year. I think it is safe to say that SC has more than its fair share of work cut out for them if they want to get to the NC game in 2007. The odds are against them. Peter does great research as does Kyle over at Dawg Sports with his post on Georgia recruiting. Where do these guys find this stuff!? It’s just amazing!

Nico over at Roll Bama’ Roll continues is look at What to Watch: Week One of the 2006 CFB Season. He is quickly becoming one of the top bloggers on SB Nation.

DC Trojan continues his great posts on the World Cup. He and Thistle71 really do have a quit wit. My interest waned when Germany was eliminated. Of course that’s what happens when you marry into a German family, Please pass the Wurst.

This was the theme in our house

Finally, there has been a lot of talk about around the blogosphere lately about expanding the Pac-10. I won't claim to be an expert because others have made the argument much more eloquently than I ever could so I will ask just a simple question.

What's in it for the Pac-10?

They obviously won't expand for money. The multiple rivalries within the conference make for some exciting games now. What would the two new teams offer to the Pac-10. There have been some comments regarding academics that raise the bar pretty high for expansion consideration. In the end I just don't see it happening. It's not like the Pac-10 needs it to compete with other conferences in challenging for national titles in the major sports.

Expansion is not in the cards

In the end the Pac-10 will stay as it is.


Anonymous DC Trojan said...

I don't see an expansion either, not least because adding a championship game doesn't really seem to be to anyone's advantage. It's just another opportunity to lose starters before a "real" bowl game.

10:54 AM  

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