Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Thursday night walk around the blogosphere

Ripken brought me back
Kyle over at Dawg Sports has great read on his issues with major league baseball and how he doesn’t want his conflicts with the sport to interfere with sharing the baseball experience with his son. There are some interesting responses from his fellow bloggers from SB Nation in his post. If you are parent this post makes you want to think about how build a lasting bond with your kids when it comes to sports. I know it has for me.

Peter over at Burnt Orange Nation is fit to be tied. It seems he is getting restless and agitated with SMQ for his delay in posting his preseason assessment of Texas. True to form Peter has called SMQ out with a petition to get the ball rolling. PB must have the Midas Touch because SMQ responded with a promise of a review within two days if gets 300 signatures. OF COURSE I SIGNED IT!

Over at Bruins Nation, Block U, the new Utah Utes blog, is not ready to concede a loss to the Bruins in their season opener. He's calling out UCLA. Well then, let the games begin!

HP has a couple of good posts today, one on the new QB at Clemson and an interesting post on which programs that should be better. For you guys that watch tape I don’t know how you do it. I wouldn't know what to look for. I will note that HP's war of words with BON has yet to slow down but both sides continue to churn out great information.

On the World Cup Front

You better run...
Brian over at MGoBlog has his take on the US loss to Ghana. Bruce Arena better slip back into the country incognito, there are a lot of POed soccer fans calling for his scalp. You know that the MLS is in trouble when one of their premier players, Freddie Ado, can't wait to go international

Over at DC Trojan, Thistle71 educates us on why our elimination is not so bad for the US. Sadly he is dead on in his views. We may not have seen the worst yet when it comes to US Soccer. Having played all through high school I can tell you that soccer is clearly a sport for the suburbs. It's sad really, the games players have a tremendous amount of talent and skill and I'm afraid our nations youth is missing out on a great sport.

Nico over at Roll'bama Roll has the scoop on The Aggies going after Yahoo and FIFA for their use of the"12th man' phrase. If aTm spent this much time on fielding a better football team maybe their game with Texas would have been a little more competetive. The whole 12th man thing is losing its luster.

Last but not least here are the updated standings for the Fulmer Cup. Man, those guys crack me up!


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