Thursday, June 01, 2006

This definitely rates about a 9.0 on my Weird-Shit-O-Meter.

OK, maybe that's a little harsh, please excuse my language. My apologies to the writers of Men in Black, but can this Bush situation get any weirder.

In my earlier post about Reggie Bush I stated the he and his family needs to come clean on the arrangements they had with the New ERA Group. Early in the week The Wizard of Odds posted
on his site a San Diego Union Tribune story about the Bush management team. Now these agents' sorted past is not a new story but when coupled with the New ERA Group some people are starting to scratch their heads about Bush's character. Is the wholesome Bush image starting to lose its luster?

Today Da Wiz is right on top of it and had the scoop again, in his post that the FBI was now involved with the "case". Now I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but something here jumps right out at me; Reggie's family has declined to meet with Pac-10 or the NCAA but now there are planning a good ole' Sopranos style sit down with the FBI. Talk about making a big splash! You're kidding me right? Do you really think that the DOJ can keep a secret? If you believe that just ask Barry Bonds. Reggie would be better served by going to the National Enquirer, at least you will make some money off of your story and get some extra tears and sympathy, a-la Oprah Winfrey, to boot. My question is why would the Bush team want them involved? Any discussions with the FBI are bound to find their way to the NCAA so why not just meet with them and get it over with.

I should note that HP brought up in his post that any involvement by the FBI would be to scrutinize New ERA and their dealings with the Bush family. Nowhere has it been reported or rumored that Reggie or his family had broken any laws. So why is the FBI allegedly involved? The Bush attorney comments have ZERO credibility. As does his accusation of extortion, the NFLPA wouldn't even touch it. Heck, at least there are rumors of the Sanchez case being weak. But what have we heard about the New ERA extortion charges? No rumors, no speculation, nothing. Its Zip, Zero, Nada.

As a new USC blogger I don't want to incite any anger with my fellow SC fans but this one just does not smell good. I just call them as I see them. While I never thought that this story would go away quietly Nestor over at BN is right; so much for this being a stale 3-week-old story.


Blogger Heisman Pundit said...

I don't think anyone said it was a 3-week story. There is obviously a lot to look at.

I find it interesting though, that Bush's family attorney has zero credibility to people, but the New Era attorney does have credibility, even though he is representing some ex-cons. It is the New Era guy who is being quoted by papers and PFT musing about 'tax evasion.' What about his credibility?

Point being, it's all speculation right now. I doubt the FBI comes in to look at tax evasion.

8:37 PM  
Blogger Paragon SC said...

Let me clarify my point. We have heard that "when the truth comes out we'll be vindicated". Problem there is nothing coming out. If they had the cancelled rent checks any first year law student would have produced them and the case would have been closed.

Where he loses credibility with me is when he went to the NFLPA to help strengthen his claim. If there is a true act of extortion then go right to the authorities, how does the NFL help you.

You are correct in pointing out Watsons credibility, not doing so is my oversight, where is this 3.2 million lawsuit he has threatened to file. If he's got the goods he should put his cards on the table and play his hand.

I DO think Bush's attorney over played his hand. If Reggie's parents aen't going to cooperate with the NCAA that's fine. But to tell your story to the FBI will only bring the issues they didn't want to discuss with the NCAA to the forefront and I can assure if the NCAA gets a hold of them they'll dig in until they get the answers they want.

As I said in the post, weird.

9:53 PM  

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