Friday, June 02, 2006

Sanchez not Charged

It was reported by the LA Times that USC Freshman QB Mark Sanchez will not be charged with Sexual Assault. Citing insufficient evidence the LA DA's Office declined to file charges. While this is good for Sanchez and SC Football in long run, short term Sanchez still faces Disciplinary action for under age drinking and using a fake ID to get into a bar near campus.

It has been my position that if not charged Sanchez should still be suspended for the year for the fake ID alone. His actions have put coach Pete Carroll and SC Football in a tough spot. If charged it would have set back SC football significantly not just at the QB position but team dynamics as well. Now that charges will not be filed not setting up some form of discipline sends the wrong message about student-athletes when they get in trouble. Of course whatever punishment the school determines is at their discretion and no second guessing should take place. I realize that is an unrealistic hope.

Whatever the punishment, SC can now focus on the upcoming season and hopefully continue their winning ways and Mark Sanchez can put the whole mess behind him. I hope he gets something out of this unfortunate incident.

Here's the link to the LA Times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suspension for A YEAR for a fake ID? What a kid can't make a minor mistake without it costing him a year?

That's a little harsh.

3:20 PM  

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