Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father’s Day

We all have stories about how our fathers have influenced our lives and how their influence shaped the way we root for our teams but also how they shaped us as human beings.

My wife and I recently had a baby girl. What a joy she has been. Life changes when the stork arrives and it has been no different with us. But that doesn’t mean that life completely changes. There have been many nights when I have been doing research for, or writing for my blog when little Emma has been right here with me. It is not easy typing one handed but I always want to be with her whenever I can. Relationships between fathers and daughters are different than mothers and daughters or even fathers and sons. Daughters will always rabidly defend their dad while their relationship with their mother will always ebb and flow. They usually root for the same teams that their dad does and usually take it a little more personally when their team loses.

I thought I’d talk about my plans for my daughter as she grows up. While there is no question that I will highly encourage her to root for USC. I will also encourage her to set her own course. I will encourage her to participate in sports because it can be the great equalizer. When you win on the field no one can take that away. She will learn how to hunt and fish, she will learn how to sail and have a go at running a marathon. I’m not a big golfer but we will learn together so that she will understand what its like to have it all on you. Soccer, Basketball and Baseball; I will encourage her try them all once just to find out what sticks.

I’ve already told my wife that our daughter will be attending Rutgers. Being close by has all sorts of advantages built in. She thinks I’m nuts but she’ll come around; I got her to root for SC so she has a history of being swayed. Ultimately I want Emma to understand competition. I want her to know when to turn it on and when to turn it off, to harness that energy and turn it into girl power. To dig down deep to try and always find a way to win but to be gracious when you lose.

There are only two things that will write the epitaphs of our life; our reputation personally and professionally and how we raise our kids. Kids will make you humble. They will make you take a different tack when confronting a problem and just when you think that they don’t get what you’re trying to teach them they pull a rabbit out of the hat and completely blow you away.

I hope I am as patient with Emma as my dad was with me.


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